Terms And Conditions

1. A £35 non-refundable booking fee will be required at the time of booking to secure your place at the show. 
2. The remaining balance for your stand will be due one month before the event date. 
3. All payments will be required using our virtual card terminal service which will be emailed to you with any balance due. 

1. Cancelation of your stand prior to one month before the event date will result in no additional charges expect the payment of the non-refundable £35 booking fee paid on application. 
2. Cancelation of your stand with less than one month before the event date will still require full payment of your remaining stand fee. 

Public Liability: 
1. You must have a valid public liability certificate for your business to be able to exhibit at the wedding show. 
2. A copy of this must be email during your application process to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Exhibiting Practice: 
1. You are only permitted to promote services which you have selected as your primary business exhibition category. If you wish to promote additional services you must obtain permission prior to the show from the event organiser. For example if you have selected ‘Photography’ as your category you are not permitted to promote ‘Videography”, or if you have selected ‘Venue Decorating & Styling’ you are not permitted to promote ‘Party Services’. 
2. You are only permitted to distribute promotional materials which carry the company name of your stand booking. This includes any bags of samples which must not contain 3rd party promotional material. 
3. Any company found to be promoting or distributing 3rd party promotional material will be asked to leave the show immediately. 

1. Access to the venue to set up your exhibition stand will be 2 hours before the advertised opening time on the day of the show. Your stand should be setup and ready to display to the public 30 minutes before the show opens to the public. The show is open times to the public are as advertised. 
2. Please avoid blocking the entrance with vehicles to allow everyone fair access to setup. 
3. Once unloading is complete all vehicles should be moved to the main car park away from the entrance to allow visitors to the show to park closer to the doors. 
4. Takedown of your stand should not start until the show end time as there may still be visitors to the show walking around. 
5. There may be movement restrictions in place due to social distancing measures, these will be issued on the day given the current situation and must be observed. 

General Housekeeping: 
1. There are no plans at present to implement social distancing measures, these could be issued on the day if the situation requires this. 
2. Please ensure you comply with any COVID-19 procedures that may be in place at the time of the show. You will receive an update 2 days before the show to advise of any procedures that may be in place. 
3. Please ensure you leave your exhibition space as you found it, removing all rubbish to the bins which will be provided. 
4. Tea & Coffee may be provided by the venue free of charge to exhibitors. 
5. No lunch will be provided at our shows.